Ex Nihilo

Before there was something, there was nothing. No darkness and no light. There was no fog to restrict sight because there was no one to look and nothing to see with. And nothing to see.

Eventually, in an infinity of nothing there was suddenly a concept: Change. The concept of Change spontaneously brought about changes. From the lack of a context came a context; a universe in which contexts could exist. Rapidly, that universe evolved.

Suddenly, Energy. Energy to run an entire universe. The electromagnetic spectrum suddenly existed. Although there was no one to see or hear or feel, the universe seethed with light and heat and radiation and explosions. And then almost as an afterthought, there was Matter, a reflection of the Energy: Energy chained and harnessed. Matter embraced the Energy and was molded by it.

Matter shaped by energy flowed, coalesced, heated, cooled, crashed in a crescendo of heat and light. Dancing together, Energy and Matter created galaxies of light and warmth, eddies of power, atoms forged in the furnace of that great outpouring of Energy.

The great blooms spun, reaching out in a tremendous brilliant coruscation. The stage was set and galaxies were born in the great nursery. Once started, the spinning tops would run and run, jostling each other over great eons until their energy was exhausted and the great dance ended.